Q & A

How do I request a quote?

Click here for more information.

How do I go about renting stuff from Neat?

First, pick out the items you’d like to have for your event or photo session and add them to your quote. Then, click on the Quote page, let us know delivery and date details, and submit! We’ll get back to you with product availability and a delivery estimate.

To reserve the items you’ll provide a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% will be due 3 days prior to the event. We’ll show up at the venue for drop-off and pick everything up once you’re done with it! Note that all prices are based on a 24 hour rental.

How does delivery work?

We use a third-party delivery company and only charge you what they charge us. We’re located in central Edmonton but are happy to arrange delivery outside of the city! Delivery usually runs from $200-$400 depending on the number of items and location. If you’re only after a few small non-furniture items, you can pick them up in Edmonton at no cost.

Can you help find something that isn’t on your site?

Probably! We love scouting out products and creating custom backdrops and other accessories. We’re always picking up neat new products and may already have what you’re looking for.   Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll try and help.

Can you help design our event or shoot?

Absolutely. Just drop us a line and we can help you find pieces that go best together. If you’re interested in comprehensive event planning and design, we can do that too!

What if I break something?

Stuff happens and we won’t hold typical wear-and-tear against you! We do charge a replacement cost for broken items and we’ll charge you the cost of the repair or cleaning for soiled items. We’ll go over all the fine print in the contract!